CLIMB Barcelona


Climb was born from Ivori's team in a fit of inspiration of his co-founder Jordi Navarro, who is in charge of the design and the production of his first collection "Mountains and noise". This collection was created for a male public eager to found a different product with which they can identify.

In collaboration with local artists in the technical work and with the experience in design of Ivori's co-founder Carola Alexandre, they will launch soon their next collection: Mountains and noise.

“Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Dead Valley, Tahoe lake... they overwhelmed us and CLIMB was born in that very moment of artistic madness.We were stuned facing that  majesty. Walking on that land meant to break with the myth of the perfect landscape. ...  Profane that fitted us so well that it turned to be our inspiration form.

"Over here, come slowly, come slowly to me. I've been waiting. Patient. Patiently  I didn't. But now I can see"

Our perfect soundtrack playing. Lots of moments raising emotions and thanks to the sound memories we will make them revive again and again.....